Beach volleyball courses at Beach Hamburg

Beach volleyball courses at Beach Hamburg

Beach volleyball courses

At Beach Hamburg, we have courses running almost every day for beach volleyball enthusiasts. Regular training with instruction from professional coaches, as well as the best possible conditions for training allow you to achieve a targeted improvement of your beach volleyball skills.

Course content is aligned to the individual interests of the participants and covers different levels according to the course.

Beginners 1
  • I have fun playing beach volleyball and I like doing sport with others.
  • I have no or hardly any experience with volleyball or beach volleyball.
Beginners 2
  • I'm confident in passing or serving a ball to my partner.
  • I'm able to pass the ball with a partner for three times and play it over the net in the end.
Beginners 3
  • I'm able to play 2 vs. 2 with receiving and passing the ball
  • I'm able to controllably receive a easy service
  • I confidently can play a spike while standing
  • I'm able to make use of the technics receiving, serving, passing and spiking a ball during exercises / a match
Advanced 1
  • I know the technic how to do a spikejump in the sand and can perform it
  • I'm able to controllably play the ball from all over the field to the net
  • I'm confident to controllably receive a hard service
  • I'm able to control the direction of my service
Advanced 2
  • I know how to react in a game if my partner blocks or decides to leave the net instead of blocking
  • I am good at setting up the play in a 2 vs. 2 game and open to learn new service combinations
  • I can perform a variety of jumped spikes to put pressure on the opponend

Our current courses

(if courses are fully booked, we can put you on the waiting list. If you would like us to do this, simply send us an email to

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Beachvolleyball Hamburg

Please note

  • Minimum number of participants per course: 8
  • The courses are solely intended for adults
  • It may sometimes be the case that certain sessions will be covered by another instructor.
  • Payment to be made before the start of the course
  • Depending on the weather, the beginners’ course will take place either in or outdoors.
  • Registration is binding (no right of cancellation for participants, pursuant to Section 312 g II no. 9 of the German Civil Code)
  • We train exclusively with Mikasa balls
  • Use of the sauna after the training sessions is included in the price (if in operation)
  • Any questions? Contact