Latest updates on CORONA at Beach Hamburg

Latest Updates

# Once Hamburg's incidence is below 100 again, a new 14 days countown to opening will start. So the earliest possible opening is sometime in April.


# If you want to visit Beach Hamburg you will need a current negativ Covid speed- or selftest from the same day.

# Each guest needs to fill in a digital form (bring your mobile), to register and accept the Covid rules.

Guidelines for Beachvolleyball

-> No high-fives

-> the ball is to be disinfected before and after playing (Beach Hamburg will provide disinfection spray)

-> You don't need to wear masks during sport

-> Keep your distance - 1.5 m

Guidelines for Beach Hamburg

-> Admittance only with a negativ current Covid speed- or selftest

-> Masks are to be worn all time (except in the shower, while playing and at the table in the restaurant)

-> As always, don't shake hands / no high-fives

-> Keep your distance of 1.5 m

-> Wash your hands with soap regularly

-> Mind the sneezing - etiquette

-> No cash if possible (EC - Card)


Before playing, each guest has to agree to the current Covid rules and sign in to a digital form (bring your mobile!). This is to make sure we are able to inform you in case of an infection. The data will be deleted after four weeks.