Latest updates on CORONA at Beach Hamburg

Latest Updates


# No more limits to player on one court from 25.06.2020!


# Kids Birthdays - Restart at 25. June! Book now!


# The pool and summer lawn open at 02. June


# Beachvolleyball INDOOR - opens 28. May


# Opening hours: Mo - Su 10 am till sunset (at the moment 9:30 pm) - Saturdays we might close early


# Restaurant is allowed to open - but we don't serve any food till further notice


# Beach Hamburg opens on 13. Mai 2020 the outdoor courts (entrance via parking space)

Guidelines for Beachvolleyball

-> Max. 4 players on a the court (1 coach or 1 exchange player are legitimate)

-> No blocks / no actions near the net while playing (warm up attacks are ok -> mind the minuim distance!)

-> Only backfieldd attacks while playing

-> Stay clear of the husband-wife zone (no service & attacks to the center)

-> No high-fives

-> the ball is to be disinfected before and after playing (Beach Hamburg will provide disinfection spray)

-> Get changed and shower at home (Showers and locker rooms are closed)

-> You don't need to wear masks during sport

-> Keep your distance! Outdoor: 1.5 m - Indoor: 2.5 m


Guidelines for Beach Hamburg

-> As always, don't shake habds / no high-fives

-> Keep your distance of 1.5 m

-> Wash your hands with soap regularly

-> Mind the sneezing - etiquette

-> No cash if possible (EC - Card)

-> Please wear a mask while check in

-> You my stay at the beach for your pleasure, but as for now we don't serve any food


Before playing, each guest has to agree to the rules and sign them (every time you book a court) and leave a mobil number. This is to make sure we are able to inform you in case of an infection. The data will be deleted after four weeks.

Sources / Legitimation

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# Regeln für Beachvolleyball vom DVV