Dear children and parents,

We are pleased that you are interested in celebrating your birthday in the sand on our beach.
Currently we celebrate all kids birthdays outdoor, to make it saver and due to current regulations.

2 hours € 25,00 /child* - court for 2 hours included
- entertainer for 2 hours
- join in with our buffet
- 1 drink per child
1 ½ hours € 17,00 / child* - court for 1 ½ hours
- join in with our buffet
- 1 drink per child
1 ½ hours € 21,00 / child* - court for 1 ½ hours included
- entertainer for 1 ½ hours
- join in with our buffet
- 1 drink per child
2 hours €21,00 /child* - court for 2 hours
- join in with our buffet
- 1 drink per child

Please be aware of the current adaptations due to the given situation

-> All birthdays take place outdoors (playing and dining)
-> You may celebrate with six to ten friends max.
-> You have to pay for at least six guests
-> It's not possible to have more than ten kids at your party including you
-> Maximum two adults may attend
-> If you're 12 or more kids, you coould book two Kid's Birthdays (atention - seperate tables!)
-> We will have four birthdays at the same time max.
-> You may chose from three different starting times (11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm)
-> You won't have to wear a mask at any time
-> Your animateur is your Corona Hero at the same time and will take care of everything
-> If the weather is fine and if possible, we'll take you outside to make it even saver
-> Please bring a list of all people, attending your birthday (below in next section)!

For kids up to five years, we strongle recommend to book the shorter package no. 2!


We recommend you meet 15 minutes before the beginning of the game to make sure that you get on to the beach well on time. When you arrive, you will first of all need to register at our reception desk. Here you will be given keys for the lockers in the changing rooms and you will meet your animateur. After we have shown you around, you can go to the changing area to put on your summer gear, then it's off to the beach.

After you have had lots of fun in the sand, it's time for the birthday dinner. Chicken nuggets, French fries and pasta - plenty for children and adults alike. Food will be brought to your table and your parents will serve it to you.
The event will slowly come to an end at your brightly decorated table. After two or three hours of party fun, it will be time for you to go home.

Are you looking for ideas for your party invitation?
What about using our 'bottle' invitation cards available to print out yourself?
We look forward to meeting you and your friends!

Telephone bookings: 040 - 69 64 61 30


Additional Extras

Birthday cake € 2,00 / child
Treasure hunt € 2,00 / child
Participation in the buffet for parents   € 6,00 / adult


- Timeframe for children’s birthday parties: 11.00 am - 6.00 pm
- After the games, the birthday table is available to you for around 1 hour
- Cancellations can be made up to 72 hours before the event at no charge. After this, we will charge 50% of the full price, or alternatively you can rebook for a new date.

We reserve the right to cancel bookings in urgent cases (e.g. in the case of a large-scale event) (in this case we would inform you in good time and try to arrange an alternative date with you).

Your questions - our answers

Can I bring my own drinks with me?

This is not really necessary, as we provide a free drink for each participant of between 0.33 and 1litre. If anyone is still thirsty, individual drinks can be purchased at the bar.

What will we get to eat?

You can help yourself to chicken nuggets, French fries and pasta from the bar - as much as you want! The sauces we use for the pasta never contain pork!

What should we wear?

As soon as you arrive here, you will feel warm and comfortable. T-shirt, shorts and barefoot... welcome to the beach!

Will there be any treasure to find on the treasure hunt?

The treasure is golden and glittering, but we can't give away any further details here. You can swap your find for an ice cream or a Hawaiian flower garland necklace, or you can of course take the treasure home with you as a souvenir.

We really want to play on court no.3!

I'm afraid we can't make any promises like that. So that we can ensure the smooth running of our events, we reserve the right to place our bookings according to demand.

When and how can my parents pay?

They don't pay until right at the end of the birthday party. Payment can be made in gold, cash or with an EC card. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept credit cards.

Do you provide toys, balls etc.?

The price for hire of a volleyball is € 3,00. Our entertainers provide plenty of toys which are included in the price! But you are welcome to bring your own things, too.